Why is your dog so happy?

I have two dogs.

My oldest, Bella, has been with me for nearly 40 years and we are all in love with her.

She has been a wonderful companion.

When I was a young boy, Bella was one of my first pets, and I have been looking forward to seeing her again for nearly three decades.

Now that she is 65, she has passed away and I am devastated to see her gone.

She was so well loved.

She never stopped smiling.

Bella had a personality that was infectious.

She always made me smile, and she was the best companion I could have.

Bella was my favorite.

She had so much personality.

She loved to be with me and to sit on my lap and snuggle on my face.

She would always say, “Mama, Papa, Mommy.”

She was always happy and I love her so much.

But I do not know why.

It’s been a tough year for me.

I have had a lot of issues and I can’t do much about them.

I am working hard to figure it out and hopefully soon I will be back to being the same person.

Bella is now a retired nursing home administrator.

I love my dogs so much and I know Bella will always be my favorite companion.