When doctors will get to choose which medicine they use

The American Medical Association is moving to expand its list of approved drugs from two to five, according to a draft document leaked to the public.

The AMA is also set to allow doctors to choose a new, more restrictive drug regimen to treat their patients.

And the group’s proposal is the latest in a series of changes that could reshape the medical industry, with many doctors concerned about the pace of advances in medical technology.

Doctors would be allowed to prescribe up to five new drugs for a patient, a move that would allow them to prescribe more drugs than is currently permitted under current law.

It would also allow doctors and pharmacists to prescribe new drugs more frequently.

Critics of the changes say they could open the door to doctors and pharmacist prescribing too many drugs, with little evidence that the drug regimen is necessary or helpful.

“We are concerned that the AMA’s proposal to allow a new set of five drugs to be prescribed in the same order as currently allowed, would have the unintended consequence of increasing the number of prescribed drugs for each person in a community that has the least amount of access to the medications,” said Dr. Stephen L. Dweck, chief of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, in a statement.

“We are hopeful that the new proposed guidelines will be revised to limit the number and types of new medications prescribed for specific patients, as well as other factors.”

The AMA has long supported the use of new drugs, which have become increasingly popular in the last decade.

However, the AMA has opposed more restrictive prescribing guidelines that have resulted in the prescription of fewer drugs, including an increase in the use and abuse of opioid painkillers.

This is the third time the AMA is proposing changes to its drug prescribing guidelines.

Last month, the group published a document that suggested that new drugs might be more effective in treating certain types of cancer than previously thought.

In a statement, the AAP said the guidelines “would ensure that doctors and pharmacies have the tools to safely and effectively use novel drugs to treat patients, while preserving the benefits of existing medications for patients with chronic disease.”

But the AMA said that the proposed changes “do not address the most pressing concerns” and that the document was “too narrow.”

It also said that doctors would be able to prescribe drugs more than five times a day and pharmacologists would be limited to prescribing fewer than three drugs a day.

A medical society panel is reviewing the AMA document.

While the proposed new guidelines are being debated, the American Medical Society is working to establish a medical oversight board, which would be made up of doctors and other experts.

The AMA’s draft guidance will be released in coming weeks.