Trump administration delays VA’s hiring plan for ‘medical equipment’

President Donald Trump’s administration is delaying a hiring plan to equip Veterans Affairs facilities with medical equipment.

The VA has a backlog of more than 30 million backlogged orders for medical equipment and supplies, according to a new report by The Hill.

The department is seeking an additional $9 billion to hire 4,000 VA medical technicians and 2,000 hospital and medical supply staff members.

The hiring plan has been delayed twice, and the Trump administration says it will be finalized this week.

Trump’s VA hiring plan calls for hiring 4,100 new doctors and nurses, an increase from the agency’s current 2,400.

The White House says it is still evaluating the VA’s backlog of orders and plans to finalize the hiring plan as soon as possible.

The Hill report notes that there is an oversupply of equipment for Veterans Health Administration (VA) facilities, which has made it difficult for VA employees to get the medical supplies they need to treat veterans and other clients.

VA Secretary David Shulkin says the backlog is a direct result of a lack of medical staff, and that the administration is working to improve the situation.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a federal agency with responsibility for caring for veterans.

It is responsible for providing medical care to Veterans Affairs hospitals and other Veterans Affairs sites across the country.

The Trump administration is calling for additional funding for the VA to equip facilities to better handle the shortage.

The announcement comes on the heels of an announcement earlier this week that Trump has instructed VA Secretary Shulkins to hire four additional VA medical directors, a move that the White House said was designed to bolster the agency by hiring “more” medical specialists.

The president has also ordered the VA Department of Defense to create a new office of Medical Research and Development to be responsible for medical research at the VA.

Trump has also directed the VA and the Pentagon to “revisit” their procurement of medical supplies, including “medicinal equipment and services.”

Shulaks office is tasked with helping to manage the VA, including providing the agency with information about products that it needs to help make decisions on whether to purchase.

Shulkins office has also been tasked with overseeing a number of procurement projects that are meant to improve VA’s procurement process, according the Hill report.

Shulkins office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.