The Tricare Medical Equipment Plan for 2019

Tricares is looking to get back on track by offering some more high-tech products that would help it survive its transition to the new medical equipment business.

The company announced Thursday that it is offering a new medical technology platform that it says can be used to improve the care and quality of care for veterans and service members in the future.

The Tricscare Medical Equipment Platform (TMEP) is the company’s effort to provide a new platform that could help Tricaring to become more competitive in the next decade, Tricarc CEO Jim Smith said.

The platform includes a suite of products that can help provide greater efficiency and value for the organization, Tricscale said in a release.

“The Tricscore Medical Device Platform will provide a path to accelerate the transition to Triccare,” Smith said in the release.

The technology can be deployed in a variety of ways to help improve the health of vets and service personnel in the field.

The platforms will help Tricscorp achieve its goal of increasing the quality of service and quality-of-care in the military, Tricols Chief Operating Officer John T. Dolan said in an interview with CNN.

The service-wide platforms will also help Tricol to provide better quality of life to service members and veterans, Tricon said in its announcement.

Tricoric’s new platform includes the following products: