How a $1.4 billion medical equipment factory could reshape Arizona, and Arizona will pay

The new Arizona Department of Health is proposing to build a $2.5 billion medical-equipment factory that would create 3,500 jobs.The company, Arizona Health Solutions, says the factory would bring nearly 3,000 jobs to the state.It’s part of a broader push by Gov.Doug Ducey and lawmakers to attract more medical-device manufacturing.Duceys proposed plan for $1 billion […]

How to get the best out of a hospital emergency room visit

Medical equipment, like the one at the end of the street, is expensive and sometimes very dangerous.But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your options.Here’s a rundown of some basic tips to make sure your medical equipment can make a difference.1.Get it out of the hospital.Most hospitals require you to get it out.But if you […]

Trump administration delays VA’s hiring plan for ‘medical equipment’

President Donald Trump’s administration is delaying a hiring plan to equip Veterans Affairs facilities with medical equipment.The VA has a backlog of more than 30 million backlogged orders for medical equipment and supplies, according to a new report by The Hill.The department is seeking an additional $9 billion to hire 4,000 VA medical technicians and […]