‘Very pleased’: Dr. Bruce Baskin on medical lab’s ‘great potential’ for use in space

Baskins is one of a handful of astronauts to have worked for the United States Space Agency.A longtime professor at Cornell University, he is now the chief scientific officer at the company he co-founded.In a video message posted on Twitter earlier this month, Baskas said the new lab’s potential is exciting.“Our work with the National […]

How to make Stryker Medical Equipment look like a stryder

Posted May 06, 2018 08:21:54Stryker-II is a medical robot that’s been designed and built by Strykers’ robotics team at R&D Labs.Like most robotic arms, Strykers are designed to be flexible and durable enough to be used in both military and civilian roles.While they’re technically still just toys, Stryskers are also capable of performing tasks like […]

A new technology can clean medical equipment in a hospital

By Tim Muehlheiser and Mark StrykerPublished Mar 07, 2018 08:17:33The use of the term ‘medical equipment’ has been used in Australia to describe many types of medical equipment including equipment for surgical and surgical equipment.It has been applied to a range of items that can include diagnostic equipment, medical equipment for treating injuries, and medical […]