What to expect from the new hospital in Orlando

Orlando, Florida — There’s no shortage of potential for new hospitals in the U.S., but what happens when a hospital closes and new ones are built? We have a list of potential new medical facilities for you to consider.The new Orlando Medical Center in Florida opened in February, and is already filling a void left by […]

How to get the most out of the latest in robotics and medical equipment

What is a robotic medical equipment?It is the most recent, innovative, and high-tech medical technology in use in hospitals and clinics worldwide.The latest developments in robotics are being driven by new technologies like robotics for prosthetic limbs, and the technology that enables automated and non-invasive surgery.While this technology is not yet widespread, there are some […]

How to get a new car in Tulsa

The city of Tulsa is getting rid of some of its outdated vehicles and mobility equipment.The city is in the process of purchasing the equipment to replace older vehicles.The new vehicles will be able to accommodate larger passengers, such as a pregnant woman or someone with a medical need.The equipment is needed to provide medical […]