“Hospitals, nurses and physicians are calling on federal lawmakers to fix Obamacare”

MEDIA BRIEFED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, MEDICAL EMERGENCY EQUIPMENTS, MEDICINE AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMNT.The news media covered medical equipment shortages across the country, but the issue is particularly pressing for people with health insurance.Some states and cities have reported a sharp rise in the number of uninsured patients.Many others have seen a decline in demand for their […]

How to Get the Best Medicine from CVS Medical Equipment

Medical equipment makers are taking their medical devices to the next level by offering CVS Health-owned medical devices that use proprietary technology.CVS Healthcare, a subsidiary of CVS Corp., is the largest U.S. chain of CTS-owned CVS-branded medical equipment.The chain has become the first to sell medical devices manufactured by two separate companies, Medi-Tech Systems and […]