New Jersey’s first hospital for injured players, players’ families to open in Lockport

NEW JERSEY — New Jersey Hospital for Players and Families is opening its doors to injured players and their families, according to a press release.Patients will have access to specialist care and other services including orthopedic and neurological treatments.They can also get their first in-person appointments and receive the best in medical care at a […]

How to unlock the mystery of the fukada medical equipment in the video game Fallout 4

A Fallout 4 mystery is solved in the first video game that features the famous fukadas medical equipment from the series.This is due to the game’s use of a custom-made, non-linear narrative, according to Bethesda.Bethesda’s marketing director for Fallout 4, Matt Firor, said that in order to get the fukeada medical item, players would need […]