How lions keep lions clean and happy

A lion is an animal that is known to have a very complex personality.When it is on a leash, it likes to play around, but when it is off it will make sure you don’t step on its tail.But what do lions have to eat?It is said that lions love to eat all kinds of […]

How to buy medical equipment in the NFL, for a fraction of what it used to cost

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has signed an executive order to allow medical equipment to be sold at sporting events at an auction, in a first step toward allowing fans to purchase their own gear.Under the order, the NFL would allow “non-essential” medical equipment that is no more than $2,000 to be used during an event.It […]

Lions medical equipment on lockdown at hospital due to ‘multiple fatalities’

Medical equipment at the Lions practice facility was taken offline Thursday as a precaution due to a “number of fatalities.”According to Lions CEO Bob Quinn, the Lions Medical Equipment Center (LMS) at Loomis, Georgia, has been closed indefinitely due to “multiple fatalities.”Quinn told reporters the facility has received two fatal injuries.It was not immediately clear […]