How to get the best out of a hospital emergency room visit

Medical equipment, like the one at the end of the street, is expensive and sometimes very dangerous.But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your options.Here’s a rundown of some basic tips to make sure your medical equipment can make a difference.1.Get it out of the hospital.Most hospitals require you to get it out.But if you […]

How to get a job at your local medical equipment shop

Medical equipment workers are looking for someone to fill the jobs of their favorite doctors.This week we talked to the people who are putting their skills to work in a medical equipment store.Here’s what you need to know about them.1.Who are they?What do they do?Medical equipment suppliers are responsible for making the supplies that are […]

Lions medical equipment on lockdown at hospital due to ‘multiple fatalities’

Medical equipment at the Lions practice facility was taken offline Thursday as a precaution due to a “number of fatalities.”According to Lions CEO Bob Quinn, the Lions Medical Equipment Center (LMS) at Loomis, Georgia, has been closed indefinitely due to “multiple fatalities.”Quinn told reporters the facility has received two fatal injuries.It was not immediately clear […]