GOP calls on GOP Senate candidates to withdraw from GOP primary in Minnesota

Democrats have threatened to shut down the Republican Party’s Senate primary in the heavily Democratic state of Minnesota if they don’t withdraw their support for Rep. Steve Scalise’s health care bill, citing a number of concerns over its Medicaid expansion and other measures.The Minnesota Democratic Party on Tuesday posted a list of 23 Senate candidates […]

Google’s new Grandview Medical equipment store opens for business

Google announced Monday that it will open its new GrandView Medical Equipment store in the city of Austin, Texas.The company says the Grandview store will serve “a growing number of medical devices that are not covered by insurance.”The Austin store is slated to open in late 2019.The Austin location of Grandview’s new store will have […]

What to know about the Grandview Medical Centre

In an interview with The West Australian, West Australian Health Minister John Rau said he was not aware of the potential health impact of the fire.“I’ve never had any information about the health impact from the fire,” Mr Rau told the ABC.“As we’ve been informed by the fire department, it’s likely there will be some […]