What’s the difference between ‘suntry’ and ‘desert’ medical equipment

FourFourtwo title What is the difference in what constitutes desert medical equipment?article What’s a suntree?article Deserts are not as dry as the plains, but they do have some similarities with the desert.For one, they’re much more arid.And while they may not have as many birds or plants as the grasslands, the desert is still home […]

Walmart to open first medical supply store in Arizona

WASHINGTON — Walgreens is set to open its first medical supplies store in Phoenix.Walmart will open its medical supplies pharmacy in the Phoenix area on April 14, according to the company.Walgreens announced last month it will open a medical supply chain store in San Francisco, California.Wal-Mart said its medical supply network will include stores in […]

How to get the most out of the latest in robotics and medical equipment

What is a robotic medical equipment?It is the most recent, innovative, and high-tech medical technology in use in hospitals and clinics worldwide.The latest developments in robotics are being driven by new technologies like robotics for prosthetic limbs, and the technology that enables automated and non-invasive surgery.While this technology is not yet widespread, there are some […]