How to get the best price on medical equipment

People are paying a premium for medical equipment.According to a recent report from Medscape, there are more than 1.2 million medical devices on the market and more than $2 trillion in consumer goods and services on the global market.There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to how much to spend on […]

Why the new Trump-era drug plan could cost millions of people their jobs

The new Trump administration plans to spend nearly $6 billion on a plan to roll back regulations designed to combat the opioid epidemic.But it’s unlikely to generate much economic growth.While the administration plans a plan that would cut spending by $200 billion over 10 years, it will also require companies to pay higher taxes, impose […]

How to find the perfect 1950s medical kit

Five years ago, we talked about how to find what you’re looking for when shopping for a medical kit.This week, we’re taking a look at how to identify the most popular items from that era in the marketplace.It’s not all that hard, but it can be confusing.Let’s break it down.First, let’s talk about how you […]

Kays, Kays’ son: A man with a ‘huge appetite’ is in custody after being shot in Centerville

A man has been arrested after police say he shot his mother in the head at her Centerville home.Police say 35-year-old Joseph Kays was shot in the leg by his 22-year old son, who had entered the home to check on a friend.The suspect was later arrested in the home.Kays has been charged with first-degree […]

The first state-run grocery store is coming to the area

The first major grocery store to open in the area is in the works, with the first two stores opening in South Central.The first two South Central locations will be open by the end of the year.“We’re very excited to bring this to South Central,” said Jeff Johnson, chief operating officer for the Central Ohio […]