‘It was a good day’: A female patient receives the best medical equipment in Australia

Posted October 15, 2019 09:04:36Today was a day that many of us took for granted, a day where we could go shopping and buy everything we needed.But today, as the sun rose, we had another reason to rejoice: a female patient was getting her best medical supplies.It’s a good time to be a medical technician, […]

Medical equipment maker Basinger Medical Equipment announces $2 billion purchase

Fortune article Medical equipment makers Basinger, a privately held company that makes medical equipment and other medical equipment that is used by the U.S. military, has acquired the medical equipment company Cleansing Medical Equipment for $2.9 billion, the company announced today.The deal was announced at the International Business Machines Convention (IBM) in Las Vegas.Cleansings’ medical […]

How to avoid ‘troubling’ medical equipment reviews

It’s no secret that the American medical equipment industry is in dire straits.And yet, a few key things are still happening to help the industry, especially the more specialized equipment that needs the most care.For example, the makers of some specialty medical equipment are trying to make sure their equipment can be used in a […]

What does Basinger Medical Equipment (BME) stock price mean?

Basinger Healthcare, which is one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment and equipment suppliers in the United States, is the second largest medical equipment wholesaler in the world after Walmart.It has an annual revenue of $2.8 billion, according to data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.BME’s stock price has risen in recent weeks.On […]