NFLPA sues over ‘non-essential’ medical equipment in NFL stadiums

The National Football League Players Association filed a lawsuit Tuesday against several companies that sell non-essential medical equipment such as heart monitors and defibrillators to NFL stadiums, claiming the companies’ products violate antitrust laws.

In the suit, the NFLPA alleges the sellers of such devices violate antitrust law by encouraging fans to buy their products without knowing the products’ true performance capability.

“These companies are selling medical devices that are not medically necessary and have a potential to be injurious to a player or other fan,” the NFLP said in a statement.

“These products are being used by players in stadiums and at sporting events, and by fans in stadiums.

They are being sold to players and spectators in violation of antitrust laws.”

In addition to the NFL, the suit also names various companies that supply medical equipment to NFL facilities, including LifeStem, Inc., and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. The suit does not name specific companies or names specific NFL players, but the NFL has named players who are connected to players.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction prohibiting the companies from selling non-necessary medical equipment or goods to NFL teams.

It asks that the court order the companies to cease and desist from selling such products in the future.

The NFLPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.