Medical equipment is out of stock in North Carolina.

A number of medical equipment companies have announced they are going to stop selling equipment, such as MRI machines, CT scanners, and pacemakers, due to North Carolina’s new laws that make it a felony to use a machine to diagnose or treat a person.

The laws also make it illegal to sell devices that aren’t approved by the FDA for that use.

The companies that have announced the decision include Fredricksburg Medical Equipment, which says it is “out of stock and is working with the company to determine its next steps,” and North Carolina-based Radiological Services.

“The NC General Assembly passed the Patient Protection Act this past August and it was clear that this bill would be used to target medical professionals,” said Fredricksberg spokesperson David Smith in a statement to Motherboard.

“We’re not surprised by this decision.

We have a lot of respect for all the physicians and medical professionals who have taken on the job to help patients.

It’s important to us that our equipment remains available to provide safe, quality care.”

Radiological is the parent company of two North Carolina companies that were acquired by GE Healthcare in 2015: RIT Health Solutions and Radiological Solutions.

The North Carolina law makes it a crime to sell any device that isn’t approved for the purpose of diagnosing or treating a person, or that has been modified to be able to do so.

Radiological’s statement said the company is “working with the manufacturer and the North Carolina Health Department to determine their next steps.”

The company also said it will continue to sell its “torture-proof” medical devices, including cardiac pacemaking equipment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.