Medical equipment information box in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Medical equipment box in the Winnipeg area.

There’s a lot of information on the box.

The website has more than 30,000 items, but they’re not all of the items that can be found on the website.

The information on those items is mostly for people who are looking to buy medical equipment or to get medical supplies in the event of an emergency.

“We don’t know the exact number of items on there, but there are over 30,001 items, that’s probably about half of what the Manitoba Government does,” said Sarah DeBosse, a spokeswoman for the Health Ministry.

She said the information was made public in April, but the province hasn’t published any more than that.

“What you will find is a large amount of information and information that is available on the Manitoba Health Website and it’s available to all Manitobans, whether they are Manitoba residents, visitors or tourists, who come to the province to purchase health care and medical supplies,” she said.

DeBose said the website has been updated every two weeks and the latest update is on Sept. 15.

The Manitoba Government is also updating its website with information on items like medical equipment boxes, prescription drugs, lab supplies, equipment for home health care, diagnostic tools and supplies, lab services, laboratory equipment, medical supplies, and more.

The Health Ministry says information on all of that is now available on its website.

Health officials are also asking people to check out the website and check out any information they may have missed.

They’re also asking for the public’s help to find more information about medical equipment.

The Ministry of Health has also put up information on medical equipment in the Manitoba Emergency Health Network (MEHN).

That’s a group of hospitals and other health care facilities that help people get medical equipment from their hospitals to emergency departments.

They also help with emergency operations such as CPR, defibrillators and other medical equipment and supplies.

“In the event that a patient needs any kind of medical equipment to be able to provide CPR, for example, if they need to have an airway or an intravenous line for their blood pressure, or a defibrilator for their heart, that patient can request that a health facility come to their home and that health facility can provide the medical equipment,” said DeBousse.

In a statement, Manitoba Health said there’s a shortage of equipment in Winnipeg and it has a variety of medical supplies and equipment for patients, but it’s a challenging situation and it takes time to bring them all up to standard.

The province said there are about 60 health care hospitals in Manitoba, but that number is increasing due to population growth.

Health Minister Mary Polak said the province is working with the MEHN and other stakeholders to get equipment up to the standards set by the Health Canada standard.

“This is the first step in getting this equipment up and running, and the Manitoba health authorities will continue to monitor this situation and to look for any more problems,” she added.