Lions medical equipment on lockdown at hospital due to ‘multiple fatalities’

Medical equipment at the Lions practice facility was taken offline Thursday as a precaution due to a “number of fatalities.”

According to Lions CEO Bob Quinn, the Lions Medical Equipment Center (LMS) at Loomis, Georgia, has been closed indefinitely due to “multiple fatalities.”

Quinn told reporters the facility has received two fatal injuries.

It was not immediately clear how many of those fatalities were related to a single incident or the Lions’ response to it.

“We’re trying to determine how many fatalities there were, how many injuries, and what we’ve done with that,” Quinn said.

“It’s a very difficult time for all of us at this time.

It’s a tremendous loss for our staff and our partners.”

Quampage confirmed that there are three fatalities and one injured.

Quampages chief medical officer, Dr. Chris Williams, told reporters that all of the injured were in critical condition.

The LMS is the Lions medical team’s largest facility and was established in 1996.

It is located in a complex at the corner of North and Jackson roads in the heart of downtown Loomie.

Lions president Tom Lewand and head coach Jim Caldwell were among the first people to visit the facility Thursday afternoon.

The facility, which was originally designed to house 30 medical teams, was expanded to accommodate the Lions during the 2005 season.

It was closed on March 11 due to two deaths, one of them a member of the Lions emergency medical team.

The Lions moved to the more secure LMS in March of this year.