Lincoln medical equipment company says it will close due to ‘high operating costs’

A Lincoln Medical Equipment company says that it will be closing its Lincoln, Ohio, headquarters and moving operations to a facility in California.

The Lincoln-based company, which makes high-tech, industrial equipment, said in a statement on Friday that it had agreed to buy another company to replace the Lincoln facility.

The announcement came after President Donald Trump said in November that the Trump administration would cut off federal payments to Lincoln Medical, the parent company of Lincoln Medical Supply and Lincoln Medical Care, in the coming months.

A statement released by the company on Friday said the move would allow it to continue to operate Lincoln’s current facilities and meet demand.

In a statement released Friday, the company said it had decided to relocate the company to a “state of the art” facility in Sacramento, California, to help it better manage its costs.

Lincoln’s Lincoln-area headquarters are located near the state capital.