Israel is preparing to take the fight to the West Bank – Reuters

The Israeli army has started a major operation in the occupied West Bank, as tensions flare over a new law which will allow the army to detain Palestinians and block them from accessing certain services, such as ambulances and schools, for up to five days.

On Sunday, the army said that soldiers would be using their own vehicles to patrol the area, as well as using special vehicles, which are already equipped with advanced technologies.

The new law has been dubbed the “right of return” law, after the Palestinian Authority’s former leader Yasser Arafat, who was killed in 2000, and Israel’s former prime minister, Ehud Olmert, who died in 2006.

It will allow Israel to detain, arrest, expel and expel Palestinian citizens of Israel, without a trial, indefinitely, without charges, without any due process and without the right to appeal, according to a government statement.

It will also enable Israel to seize and deport any Palestinian citizen of Israel who “is a member of an illegal organisation or a member or supporter of a terrorist organisation”.

The move has raised fears of a backlash against Israel from the United States, which has expressed concerns about the law, while Israel has said that it would not “overstep the boundaries” of its legal right to self-defense.

The move came after the US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, called for an immediate end to “the systematic oppression and dispossession of Palestinian citizens”.

He told the US congress last week that “Israeli law and policy are contrary to international law, the rights of Palestinians, and the very essence of the two-state solution” and called for a halt to the Israeli occupation.

Mr Friedman also called on the Palestinian leadership to halt its “systematic oppression of the Palestinian people” and said that the Palestinian government was “actively working to ensure that such measures do not affect the rights and dignity of Palestinian people”.

Mr Friedman was speaking to US lawmakers in Washington after the United Nations voted to recognise Palestine in November.

Ahead of the US vote, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We will not be satisfied with a solution where we have the Palestinians in control, but in order to have a solution we must have a Palestinian state.”

However, a Palestinian official said on Sunday that Israel would not be forced to take action unless the US agreed to a permanent ceasefire.

“We will be able to continue the work of the occupation, and there is no need to take any action,” the official told AFP news agency.

“It is not in our interest to take military action against the occupied Palestinian territory,” he said.

Israel has previously said that Palestinian refugees who want to return home would be given the option to do so.”

So if the US is not willing to recognise the right and wants to see a Palestinian-Palestinian state, then Israel will not force the US to take actions.”

Israel has previously said that Palestinian refugees who want to return home would be given the option to do so.

But the new legislation is the first step in a broader offensive to impose a complete Israeli withdrawal from the West of the occupied territories, which Israel captured in 1967.

Israel seized the West bank and Gaza Strip in a 1967 war and annexed the territory in a move never recognised internationally.

It still maintains control of the area today.

Israel says it is protecting the rights to defend itself and its citizens, while Palestinians accuse it of taking them over.

The United Nations says that more than half of the West, including parts of Jerusalem, are under Israeli control.