How to shop for medical equipment in Miami

Get ready to shop at a medical equipment store for the second straight year, as demand for medical devices continues to soar.

Here are the top 10 medical equipment retailers in Miami: 1.

Hospitals: The Hospitals chain of chains includes a range of medical equipment stores.

The company operates two medical equipment malls in Miami and has an estimated $1 billion in annual sales.

Hospital’s stock surged more than 8% in early 2018.


Health Clubs: Health Clubs is an online medical equipment retailer with more than 1,000 locations in Florida.

It is owned by a medical device company.

The chain has a strong reputation as a destination for the health care industry.


Physicians: is a medical hardware store that offers an assortment of medical devices.

It operates in 17 states and Canada.

The brand was acquired by Cigna in 2017.

4. The online medical technology company is owned and operated by Medisavvy, a medical supply company.

It has more than 2,500 locations.


St. John Medical: St. Johns Medical is a large medical equipment and supplies company that operates four facilities in Florida, one in Miami-Dade County, one at the University of Miami and one in West Palm Beach.

The group’s shares jumped more than 7% in late 2017.


Caremark Health: Caremark is an electronic medical supplies company based in St. Petersburg.

It also operates several medical equipment outlets and stores in Florida and Puerto Rico.

The stock is up more than 9% this year.


CVS Health: CVS Healthcare is the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S. with more then 200 locations.

The retailer operates six pharmacies in Florida with more locations than any other chain.

The share has risen about 10% in the past year.


Medpac: Medpac is the only company in the nation that offers medical supplies through a health care chain.

It sells prescription medication, heart medications and medical equipment to hospitals, clinics and other medical providers.

The pharmacy chain has more then 3,600 locations.


H&M: H&amps is the U topper of apparel, sporting goods and accessories, with more sales than any retailer.

The clothing retailer’s stock jumped more about 7% this past year and has more recently gained about 5%.


Molloy Medical: The Molloys medical supplies and equipment company has more locations in the state than any company.

Molls is owned in part by a drug and medical supply manufacturer, and the company has grown its presence in the area with a number of locations.