How to safely clean your pet’s toys

A new video posted on YouTube explains how to safely wash toys after using them.

The video begins with a young boy sitting in his bedroom, and a picture of a dog’s toy.

It shows a picture on a box, and it says:It then shows a dog that has just been cleaned and disinfected, sitting in the toy box.

The boy then asks the boy if the toy is okay.

The boy says yes.

The next scene shows the boy washing the toy and disinfecting the toy.

The toy’s disinfectant is then applied, and the boy says he is ready to play with the toy again.

After the boy plays with the dog, he asks if the dog is okay, and he says yes again.

The child then asks if he has cleaned up any other toys.

The dog’s disinfected toys have been washed and disinfectant has been applied, the boy said.

The next scene also shows the dog cleaning itself, and again the boy asks if it is okay to play.

The dog says, “yes,” and the child says, I think it’s okay.

“The next two scenes show the boy cleaning a toy and then the dog playing.

The two scenes also show a dog and a toy that have been disinfected and disinfection has been used.

The puppy is playing with a toy, and both are disinfected.

The puppy’s toys have then been washed, and disinfectants have been applied.

The two scenes then show the dog again playing with the toys.

The toys are now disinfected again, and then disinfectants are applied, before the dog plays with them.

Now, the puppy is washing and disinfectishing, and playing with it.

The child asks if she can have the puppy, and she says yes, but that she wants to clean the toys first.

The baby then asks, “can I have your toys?”

The puppy says yes and then cleans the toys and disinfects them.

Then, the baby says, can I have the dog’s toys?

The puppy answers yes.

The children then ask, “Can I have her toys?”

And the puppy says, yes.

Then the baby asks, can we do it together?” and the puppy answers, yes.”

Now the baby and the dog are playing together, and at one point the dog says that he likes to have a lot of toys.

Now, the dog likes to play a lot too, and also says that she likes to see the toys she likes, and that he does like to have her.

The mother then says, the puppies toys are all disinfected now, and they are clean.

She then asks for the baby’s toys to be disinfected too.

The kids then ask the puppies what they want to do next.

The puppies say that they want them to play and be friends, and to get together again.

The mother says, no, they are going to play again, with a new puppy, the mother says.

The parents then say that their kids are going away for a month, and now they want the dogs to come play with them and they want everyone to play together again, they say.

The father then says that the kids should go to the hospital, and everyone should come and play together.

The mom then says to everyone, and all of the kids, and you, and we, and them, and us, and her, that we would love you to come to our house, because we love you, she says.

The parents then agree to this.

The family then leaves, and as they leave, the video ends.