How to make your own medical lab gear

Sanford Medical Equipment, a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories, is partnering with San Francisco-based lab maker Sanford Health Labs to create medical lab equipment for its medical patients.

The new products will be available at San Francisco’s public health clinics, and will be able to be shipped to patients from other states.

The products will come in three varieties, according to Sanford: sanford laboratory equipment, medical lab hardware, and medical lab gloves.

Each product is expected to cost $250 and is expected by the end of next year.

The San Francisco Public Health Department said Sanford will work with Abbott Labs to develop the products and is looking to have a partnership in place for up to two years.

The company said it plans to develop a “medical lab gloves” product by the first quarter of 2019, and is also developing a medical lab test kits.

Abbott Labs will be manufacturing the products in the San Francisco Bay Area, said the company.

Sanford Healthcare also owns the San Fernando Valley medical facility that houses Abbott Labs and the other facilities that produce medical lab products.

Abbott Laboratories is headquartered in Dallas.