How to Make the Most of Your Vacuum Box

You’re probably already thinking about how to keep the contents of your vacuum box clean and safe, but here’s how you can do it in a few simple steps.


Clean the Vacuum box thoroughly.

The key to keeping your vacuum cleaner clean and looking fresh is to wash it well before putting it in your bathroom.

This will help keep your vacuum from smelling like a mess.

Wash your vacuum every few weeks and it should be ready to use.

If you don’t do this, your vacuum will probably smell like urine.

To clean your vacuum, put it in the sink, rinse with cold water, and repeat until it is clean and odor free.

You can wash your vacuum in hot water if you need to, but that can be messy and may leave a greasy residue.

If the inside of the vacuum cleaner looks like a smelly mess, rinse it thoroughly in water to remove the odor.


Use a dishwasher or a sink vacuum. If you don