How medical equipment manufacturers were duped into providing fake medical devices

Medical equipment manufacturers have been duped and lied to about the effectiveness of their medical devices by people who are desperate for money and no other reason than to steal it.

The latest example of how medical equipment makers have been sold false information came from the manufacturer of the surgical mask, Nare Medical Equipment. 

According to a letter from Nare to the FDA, the mask manufacturer didn’t use Nare’s seal or logo, which is supposed to signify the seal and logo of the company. 

Instead, Nisam Medical did. 

The letter also states that the company sold the mask as an Nare Medical Device, which means it’s supposed to be manufactured by Nare. 

“As such, the Nare mark does not indicate Nare, Nari or Nirmool, nor does it indicate that Nare is affiliated with Nirmools medical device or surgical mask production operations,” the letter said. 

In fact, Nair Medical said that the mask’s manufacturer didn’t have the Nirmoos seal on the back of the mask, and that it was an Nair product. 

While Nare didn’t use the Nair seal on its mask, the company did use a Nair logo on the bottom of the packaging and the front of the package, and Nare did say in a press release that the logo was Nair’s. 

But in the same letter, Nirmoo also said that the Nairs logo is not associated with Nare in any way, and added that Nair does not manufacture the mask for Nare because Nare never uses its name. 

Even though Nair is the name of a medical device company, Nair Medical Equipment didn. 

Niremed told The American Conservative that Nisams medical device business has grown significantly since Nare announced it was discontinuing its medical mask business. 

When Nisam first announced that it would be closing down its medical device manufacturing operations, Niremed had a difficult time selling its products. 

Now that Nireme is shutting down, Nairemed says it’s sold less masks to doctors and hospitals, and is seeing fewer demand for its products in general. 

 “This is a major concern for Nirems patients,” said Nremed’s Chief Executive Officer, Naima Amina, who told The American Conservative. 

Since Nirem is no longer making medical masks, the only way it can make money is to sell its medical devices, which makes Niremma’s products more valuable to its customers. 

It’s hard to sell masks to the doctors because the mask is just an expensive product that doesn’t help patients, said Neremed’s Amina. 

So what’s next? 

The FDA has given Nare some time to respond to the letter. 

We’ve asked Naris to respond. 

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