How Italian teams are getting ready for the 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Championship is less than two months away and the Italians are preparing for it.

Here is a look at how they are doing.

1/5 The Italy squad, as of last night.

2/5 This was one of the most controversial parts of the squad, with some players making it to the final, and others opting to leave the squad.

3/5 Italy’s new goalkeeper, Stefano Sturaro, was not included in the squad at the start of the tournament.

This left him out of contention for the final.

4/5 For Italy, this was a big decision.

Sturaro has been criticised by the club’s supporters for not taking on more of a defensive role.

5/5 It is expected that the goalkeeper will miss the final because he is injured.

1 / 5 The Italy roster, as on Monday, August 12, 2018.

2 / 5 Italy’s starting XI against Uruguay.

3 / 5 This is a shot-chart showing the starting XI of Italy’s World Cup squad.

4 / 5 For Italy’s squad, this is a video of their opening match against Uruguay in the first round of World Cup qualifying.

5 / 5 It is anticipated that Sturaro will miss Italy’s final due to injury.

Getty Images 1/ 5 The Italians roster, at the moment, as they stand at 12.

5.5 million euros, plus bonuses.


Italy’s goalkeeper Stefano ‘Sturaro’ Sturaro.

Getty 2/ 5 Stefano’s father, Giuseppe, with the squad during a press conference.


The goalkeeper has made headlines for his handling of injury during World Cup qualifiers.


The Italy defence, led by former Barcelona star Andrea Pirlo.

5 in 10 players have been named in the team’s squad.

1 Getty 2.

A shot-graph showing the squad as of the start to the World Cup.

3 The players on the left are not included, but the one on the right is. 4 Getty 5.

A player in red and a player in green are the substitutes.

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