How a medical assistant’s gear helped her save a life

In March, when I had just returned to the hospital after surgery, my husband and I were visiting my daughter’s room, when suddenly I heard a doorbell.

As we walked into the room, I could see it was a young woman, wearing a purple dress and heels.

She was sitting at the front of the bed.

She said, “Are you ok?”

I was shocked.

I was terrified.

I looked over at my husband, who was lying on the floor.

I thought, How could I have missed her?

My husband was still alive, and he was not breathing.

I didn’t know what to do.

She told me to call 911.

But I said, No, I don’t want to get in trouble.

That’s what she said.

She looked me in the eyes and said, You’re not supposed to call, I’m a nurse and I can’t call 911, but I want to make sure that you’re OK.

And she asked, Are you a nurse?

And I said Yes.

And then she started to tell me about CPR.

She explained CPR, how it works, how to breathe properly, what’s wrong with your heart.

I remember being terrified and thinking, This is going to be scary, this is going the wrong way, and then I remember thinking, I’ll be ok.

That was the most wonderful thing that I had ever seen, in my entire life.

I started CPR, and it saved my life.

The next day, when my husband came to the emergency room to visit me, I got out of bed and went to get the oxygen machine.

She put the machine in my hand, and I was able to breathe.

That is the miracle that I am fortunate to have.

I can never thank her enough.

The hospital staff, they are really supportive.

We talk to them on a regular basis.

She helped us in a lot of ways, and she is such a strong person, that she is able to do this.

I would not have been able to get this job without her.

I want everyone to know how much you are supporting me, and how important you are to me.

I hope I can get to thank her one day for her incredible efforts.