How a $1.4 billion medical equipment factory could reshape Arizona, and Arizona will pay

The new Arizona Department of Health is proposing to build a $2.5 billion medical-equipment factory that would create 3,500 jobs.

The company, Arizona Health Solutions, says the factory would bring nearly 3,000 jobs to the state.

It’s part of a broader push by Gov.

Doug Ducey and lawmakers to attract more medical-device manufacturing.

Duceys proposed plan for $1 billion in new funding for Arizona Health Services to create manufacturing and logistics hubs.

In a news release, Duceies office said the company’s plan would create more than 100 new jobs and create up to 2,000 direct and indirect jobs over the next five years.

It also said the new facility would increase state economic activity by $250 million and create $600 million in state revenue for Arizona.

The announcement is part of an effort to make Arizona a hub for medical-products manufacturing and is expected to generate about $600,000 in new tax revenue over the first five years of operation.

In January, Gov.

D.J. Daulerio and Gov.

Jan Brewer signed legislation that included $1 million for Arizona to establish a medical-devices manufacturing program to help develop manufacturing facilities in the state and provide incentives to attract additional manufacturing activity.