Healthcare companies to sell millions of dollars of medical equipment in China

The U.S. health industry is set to hit the U.K., Germany and Japan with the same sort of sales pitches that are making medical equipment makers rich in China.

On Wednesday, companies will be expected to file annual reports detailing sales of medical devices and equipment.

The sales are expected to include sales of new medical equipment such as a heart pacemaker and a lung transplant, as well as equipment such a MRI, blood tests and diagnostic tools.

The U.s. healthcare industry is also looking to build on its record sales of pharmaceuticals, and that’s where the U-K.

and Germany stand out.

The pharmaceuticals are the fastest growing sectors of the U.-K., with a projected growth rate of 17.9 percent in 2020 and more than $500 billion in sales, according to the UK’s Medicines & Pharmaceuticals (MEPS) company.

Sales of health care equipment are expected grow 15.9% in 2020, according the company.