Feds ask for loan to buy medical equipment

imeco medical equipment loan application article IMEC medical equipment is available for loan from US regulators.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is asking for $7 million to buy equipment for a variety of health care workers, including doctors and nurses.

The loan application was filed with the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) on July 31, according to the loan website.

The company is asking $1.9 million in cash, plus a $500,000 bonus for completing the loan, the application said.

IMECs are used in health care and are also used to provide diagnostic equipment for hospitals and other institutions.

They cost around $2,500 per unit.

The application does not specify the type of medical equipment that will be purchased, and it does not say how long the loan will be, but the company says it is considering it to be in the “foreseeable future.”

IMECI has been trying to acquire new equipment for several years, but has struggled to find an appropriate manufacturer.

“IMCs are a very common and proven technology,” an OTS spokesperson told ABC News.

“As with most technology, the process of acquiring and testing new technology is time consuming and costly, but IMCs offer significant advantages and are a reliable and affordable solution for health care professionals.”

“The Government’s goal is to provide affordable and reliable medical equipment to the American people,” the company said.