A new technology can clean medical equipment in a hospital

By Tim Muehlheiser and Mark StrykerPublished Mar 07, 2018 08:17:33The use of the term ‘medical equipment’ has been used in Australia to describe many types of medical equipment including equipment for surgical and surgical equipment.

It has been applied to a range of items that can include diagnostic equipment, medical equipment for treating injuries, and medical equipment to treat burns and burn victims.

However, in a report by the Australian Consumer Law Centre (ACLC), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and a panel of academics, it was argued that it is misleading to refer to medical equipment as ‘medical’.

In their submission, the ACLC argued that the term is used to describe medical equipment that is in fact a medical service, not as a medical device.

They said that it was not possible to categorically rule out that medical equipment is a medical product, and that in practice this was not a problem for many medical professionals.

For example, they argued that some health professionals are able to prescribe medical equipment without requiring it to be a medical treatment item.

However the ACCC said that the definition of medical is not the same as that of a medical item.

It said that a medical object is a thing that can be used to treat a disease, and should be regarded as such.

For instance, the report said that doctors have been using this term to refer back to medical instruments in medical practice for years, and this usage is still widely accepted.

The ACLC said that they also felt that the usage of the word ‘medical’ as a generic term for a wide range of medical items was misleading because of the wide range that medical items have in the health care system.

They also argued that a term such as ‘diagnostic equipment’ which is commonly used by healthcare practitioners to refer primarily to diagnostic and medical instruments is misleading because it does not encompass the broader range of equipment that can perform diagnostic or medical functions.

They said that this includes equipment for testing, measuring, and measuring health.