When medical equipment can be repurposed to help reduce the COVID-19 epidemic

A new technology that can be used to make medical equipment more efficient could also reduce the spread of the virus.The technology is called a “disinfection matrix,” which is essentially a grid of tiny, self-contained pockets that can contain hundreds of thousands of disinfectant tablets.These pockets are sealed with protective film and a self-cleaning material […]

Hospital in Texas loses $600K in bitcoin theft

A hospital in Texas lost more than $600,000 in bitcoin-related theft when a ransomware infected its servers.According to the Texas Health Science Center, the theft happened when a patient’s laptop containing medical records was accessed by an individual.“I had no idea what was going on.They were using ransomware to steal my medical records,” said Elizabeth […]

Lincoln medical equipment company says it will close due to ‘high operating costs’

A Lincoln Medical Equipment company says that it will be closing its Lincoln, Ohio, headquarters and moving operations to a facility in California.The Lincoln-based company, which makes high-tech, industrial equipment, said in a statement on Friday that it had agreed to buy another company to replace the Lincoln facility.The announcement came after President Donald Trump […]

‘It was a good day’: A female patient receives the best medical equipment in Australia

Posted October 15, 2019 09:04:36Today was a day that many of us took for granted, a day where we could go shopping and buy everything we needed.But today, as the sun rose, we had another reason to rejoice: a female patient was getting her best medical supplies.It’s a good time to be a medical technician, […]

How to get a discount on medical equipment

In an effort to help save the lives of those who live with terminal illnesses, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has recently announced that they’re offering a discount for medical equipment.According to the department, this is to help the families of people who have terminal illnesses receive the best equipment possible […]

What is centennial medicine? | MTV News

Centennial medicine is a type of health care that’s focused on preventive and preventative medicine.It’s about focusing on the person’s health rather than on the treatments they might be prescribed.In the United States, there are approximately 5,000 centers that offer these types of services, and they’re growing every year.Some of them are just starting to […]

How Italian teams are getting ready for the 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Championship is less than two months away and the Italians are preparing for it.Here is a look at how they are doing.1/5 The Italy squad, as of last night.2/5 This was one of the most controversial parts of the squad, with some players making it to the final, and others opting to […]

How a healthcare provider’s equipment costs and what it means for healthcare coverage

Health care providers and other companies have been reporting that their equipment costs have gone up over the past few years.The rise in healthcare equipment is the topic of a wide-ranging congressional hearing on the Affordable Care Act and the healthcare costs of the uninsured, including a focus on Accucare.The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid […]